'My London studio is a centre of excellence for people who practice the true form of Pilates.  I give my clients a highly-personalized and friendly experience which brings about real change in their bodies.'  


Stéphanie is a classically trained Pilates instructor.  From her private studio in Primrose Hill, she teaches clients and trains apprentices in the Romana's Pilates Certification Programme.  Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to Stephanie Guimond Pilates,

the only true pilates studio in Primrose Hill, NW1 London. 

Stéphanie has been a qualified Pilates instructor since 2003.  She offers expert and individualized sessions to clients in her private studio.

Stéphanie is also one of only two teachers approved to train apprentices in the Romana's Pilates Certification Programme in the UK.

Pilates will exercise your mind and your body and improve your strength, flexibility and balance.  Learn to develop your core, build longer, leaner muscles and improve your posture and overall wellbeing.  No matter if you are new to fitness, or highly athletic, Stéphanie can help you improve. 

 'In 10 sessions you will feel the difference,

in 20 you will see the difference

and in 30, you will have a new body.' Joseph Pilates