'My London studio is a centre of excellence for people who practice the true form of Pilates.  I give my clients a highly-personalized and friendly experience which brings about real change in their bodies.'  


Stéphanie is a classically trained Pilates instructor.  From her private studio in Primrose Hill, she teaches clients and trains apprentices in the Romana's Pilates Certification Programme.  Thanks for stopping by!

What is the Pilates Method? 

Pilates promotes balanced and harmonious development of muscles that are lean and toned.  Pilates also helps to develop and coordinate the mind, body and spirit.  This unique system of exercise works all muscles by beginning with the minor muscles.  As the minor muscles develop, they then help to strengthen the major muscle groups. Osteopaths and physiotherapists reccommend Pilates to speed recovery and re-educate the body after injury.

Pilates is very safe during pregnancy and is excellent at rebuilding the body after the baby is born.  Clients  notice a marked improvement in their posture, gracefulness and sleep patterns.  In as little as ten sessions, you will notice a huge difference!!

How does Pilates work?

Pilates is a system of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates and designed to exercise the entire body.  Pilates fosters the coordination between mind and body and helps to correct the balance between strength, suppleness and control.  Pilates excercises focus on the core muscles and help to integrate the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, buttocks and inner thighs.  As a result, practicioners gain a toned, supple body with long, lean muscles, good posture, graceful, flowing movements and proper breathing.  

Pilates excercises are done in controlled movements on specially-designed equipment or in a series of ground exercises on a mat.  

What makes the Pilates Method different? 

Joseph Pilates believed that successful, corrective exercise was based on a thorough analysis of the body, followed by controlled work, and not the mindless repetition of movement.  He promoted a system geared to the requirements of each individual body.  

The Pilates method has six key elements: 

1.  Concentration: Pilates depends on focus, concentration and dedication to deliver the greatest benefit from each exercise.  

2.  The Centre: According to Pilates, every exercise begins in the centre, or core, of the body and flows outward to the limbs.  

3. Control:  All Pilates movements are controlled and every part of the body has its own function in each exercise. 

4. Precision: Every movement has a purpose and requires precise positioning to create perfect alignment of the spine and the muscles.  Once learned, these movements and positions will become second nature.  When this happens, the body gains grace, strength and suppleness.  

5. Flowing movement:  All Pilates exercises flow seamlessly into each other.  This gracefulness of movement ensures that energy flows through the body freely.  

6.  Breath:  Utilisation of correct breathing is extremely important in Pilates.  Joseph carefully coordinated and integrated the breath with each movement to enlarge lung capacity.  

Who can benefit from the Pilates Method? 

Pilates can help anyone:  young or old, athlete or office worker. It is for anyone who wants to increase strenth and suppleness without creating bulk.  Pilates is ideal for those who want to improve their fitness, move with grace and maintain good posture.  The Pilates method promotes physical harmony and balance for people of all ages while providing a refreshing and energizing workout.  The advantages of this method are recognized by doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors.  Pilates can also help to prevent injury or can help to play an importrant role in recovery after an injury.  

What can Pilates do for you? 

Pilates can give you a strong, lean and healthy body while helping you to increase your body control, regardless of your present condition.  Pilates can prevent injury and/or accelerate healing.  It can complement any sport regime.  In addition, it is the ideal alternative for those who cannot participate in conventional exercise due to high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, obesity and chronic back pain.  

Where can I learn more about Pilates? 

Please visit the following websites for even more detail on the benefits of Pilates:

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