'My London studio is a centre of excellence for people who practice the true form of Pilates.  I give my clients a highly-personalized and friendly experience which brings about real change in their bodies.'  


Stéphanie is a classically trained Pilates instructor.  From her private studio in Primrose Hill, she teaches clients and trains apprentices in the Romana's Pilates Certification Programme.  Thanks for stopping by!

What are Stéphanie's clients saying?

I have never found a form of physical exercise to suit me.  But years spent in an office job, glued to a computer screen, took their toll and I began to experience severe neck pain.  Stéphanie was recommended to me and my weekly Pilates sessions with her have changed my life, entirely for the better. She can be a pretty demanding teacher, but her combination of kindly encouragement and determined dedication has resulted in my noticeable physical improvement. Somewhat to my amazement, I now greatly look forward to our appointments; I feel much better after them. I (and my neck) could not recommend her too highly....Rupert Thomas, Editor, The World of Interiors, Conde Nast Publications

Wow! What can I say? I adore Pilates and have been practicing it for the last 10 years.  I’ve worked with many good instructors, but it was only after meeting Stéphanie that I experienced the full impact of Pilates.  In the last 8 years, she has helped me to recover from running injuries, has worked to equalize my body imbalance due to scoliosis, and has guided me safely through pregnancy and recovery.  If not for Stéphanie, I wouldn’t be as fit, balanced or flexible as I am today, in my forties.  Her eye is impeccable and she has an intuitive sense for working with my body.  She knows when to push me, when ‘less is more’ and she always makes me laugh.  I’ve already recommended her unreservedly to a number of friends and do so now!....Denise, 42 years-old, Photographer and Mom

Stéphanie is an outstanding practitioner of Pilates and a kind and caring teacher.  I have taken Pilates classes around the world and Stéphanie is the best teacher I’ve found. She strives for perfection in herself, and in her clients!  She seems to have an in-built x-ray system that allows her to monitor every relevant muscle movement. What I particularly like about her style of teaching is her meticulous attention to technique and detail.  And is she persistent!  Above all, every session is enjoyable hard work, and I leave feeling exhilarated and more flexible.  Thanks, Stéphanie, for 10 years of shaping and moulding me....Dr. Estelle, Doctor (C.Psychol.), Executive and Life Skills Coach  

No matter where in the world I am, I rarely miss a weekly Pilates class!  It stands to reason that I have met some very gifted teachers over the last 20 years.  However, few years ago, when I was at the great Romana's studio in New York, I mentioned that I was looking for someone in London.   I was put in touch with Stéphanie Guimond.  Since then, her superb teaching has given me renewed enthusiasm and a better understanding of Pilates. I am far from being a star pupil, but without Stéphanie's help I couldn't even begin to fulfil my schedule.....Sian Phillips, Actress

I’ve been running marathons for the past 10 years, but discovered Pilates about a year ago.  From the outside, I thought that it looked so easy.  I didn’t think it would be for me.  Needless to say, I was extremely surprised when Stéphanie challenged me in a way I had never been challenged.  My muscles were actually shaking! But she also made it great fun.  Stéphanie is an excellent teacher.  She is very tuned into my needs and weaknesses, and is dedicated to helping me improve my fitness level.  Pilates complements my running very well.  It has improved my core strength and my flexibility.  I am convinced that it is also improving my marathon times while keeping me injury-free...David, property developer

 Authentic Pilates at its best! This has been my experience with Stéphanie Guimond.  Because of her experience in ballet and her continuing education under the tutelage of Romana, Stéphanie deeply understands how the body works.   As a result, I've learned better posture and the importance of developing a strong center, or "powerhouse.”  Stéphanie is truly a professional teacher who motivates me, encourages me and knows how to push me, while being fully aware of my limits. Stéphanie doesn't accept mediocrity and will endlessly repeat the "how and why" of the techniques until they are fully understood.
At 63 years old, I'm forever grateful to Stéphanie who, through the authentic Pilates, has taught me with passion, to use my body in a better way. The benefits of having a strong centre are enormous and a lifetime lesson for me....Elise Barat

 In the last 7 years, I have had two children, run a marathon, had a personal trainer, practiced Bikram yoga, and wrote a dissertation for a Masters in Chinese studies.  I have also suffered a good deal of pain from a sprain in the ligament linking my pelvis to my sacrum, meaning I found it hard to sit for any length of time or even to drive.   Thankfully, Pilates and Stéphanie have been consistently present during this time.  She has worked on realigning and re-strengthening my body through all of these challenges.  Pilates was the only exercise I did from mid-pregnancy onwards.  Pilates was also key to my post-natal recovery, strengthening my back, and keeping my body strong whilst not over stressing it.  I am now back to peak health, running and practicing yoga, but I still do Pilates as it helps me in ways other exercise doesn’t to keep my core strength and body alignment. Stéphanie’s style is very hands-on to ensure the body works to correct itself.  Everything she does is tailored to the individual and what they need.  There is a reason she is perhaps the best Pilates teacher in London!.....Virginia McLean

The day I received a recommendation to join Stephanie Guimond Pilates studio was a red letter day in my life.  I have never looked back.  For the last seven years, I have enjoyed Stéphanie’s excellent, highly focused and carefully-calibrated sessions.  I know that I am receiving the best of attention from an instructor who takes care to keep herself at the cutting edge of her profession.  I look forward to the sessions delivered in a studio with lovely light and a wide range of Pilates equipment.   Because of Pilates, I hold myself better, move better and breathe better.  I know that I benefit hugely in mind, body and spirit from my sessions with this highly skilled practitioner.....Niam McAleer