'My London studio is a centre of excellence for people who practice the true form of Pilates.  I give my clients a highly-personalized and friendly experience which brings about real change in their bodies.'  


Stéphanie is a classically trained Pilates instructor.  From her private studio in Primrose Hill, she teaches clients and trains apprentices in the Romana's Pilates Certification Programme.  Thanks for stopping by!

Why is Stéphanie’s studio unique?

The Stephanie Guimond Pilates Studio opened in 2005.  This studio is the only Romana’s Pilates studio in Primrose Hill, and in NW1 London, that teaches the classical method of Pilates, as Joseph Pilates intended.  

What are Stéphanie’s Qualifications?

In 2003, Stéphanie completed 700 apprentice hours and certified as an instructor under Romana Kryzanovska in New York, and Marjorie Oron in the Hague.  Stéphanie’s education is heavily grounded in the original method of Pilates.  Romana is famously known as Joseph’s protégé, and Marjorie, a student of Romana’s, was the first to open an instructor training centre in Europe.   

Three years after her certification, Stéphanie was promoted to become a Level 4 instructor and is only one of two London instructors approved to mentor and train students in the Romana’s Pilates certification programme.  Stéphanie is absolutely dedicated to delivering and promoting the excellent standard of Pilates that is her heritage. 

Stéphanie takes special care to analyze and understand the specific needs and capabilities of each of her clients.  Every session is tailored to deliver maximum benefit and improve the body’s strength, posture and alignment.  In as little as ten sessions, her clients notice a huge difference.

You can learn more about Stéphanie's qualifications and training on these websites:

True Pilates - Home of Romana Kryzanovska, New York

The Pilates Studio - Home of Marjorie Oron, The Netherlands


What is the Studio like?

The studio is fully equipped with the highest quality Gratz equipment.  Gratz have been crafting Pilates Apparatus for over 25 years and no other apparatus so faithfully preserves the precise form and function of Joseph Pilates’ original designs.  Romana prefers Gratz equipment in part because ‘You work the springs. The springs don’t do the work for you.’  

The studio environment is quiet, intimate and personal, yet professional.  It is the perfect place for a centred and focused workout.